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Swimming Pool Refurbishment Surrey & Hampshire

Give your swimming pool a new lease of life. Get the best out of your Surrey or Hampshire pool with professional swimming pool refurbishments and upgrades from Alan Bettin Swimming Pools.

Has Your Pool Lost Its Wow Factor?

With our pool renovation service, you can transform the look of your pool, using a range of fantastic pool finishes and our exquisite attention to detail. From traditional tiled mosaics and vinyl linings to more contemporary pools and powder-coated finishes, Alan Bettin Swimming Pools of Farnham will revitalise your pool and pool safety cover, making it look even better than the day it was first built.

Looking for a little more from your swimming pool? Why not remodel or alter the size of it? Our team in Farnham can reshape and resize your swimming pool to your exact specifications, upgrading your pumps and heaters to match too. Based in Farnham, we provide our swimming pool refurbishment services throughout all surrounding areas.

Swimming Pool Refurbishment Style Options

There’s a wide range of swimming pool surrounds to choose from to create a seamless integration of your pool and garden, or even inside pool leisure area. Our paving experts have spent years honing their craft and are ready to transform your outdoor pool area.

Pool coping provides a comfortable edge to sit on and protects the upper edge of the wall, whilst also providing an additional aesthetic feature that can further elevate the appearance of your swimming pool. We can help you pick the perfect coping for your swimming pool so that you can match the style of your existing pool surrounds and finishing.

From pool tiling to powder-coated pool finishes, Alan Bettin Swimming Pools can style it your way. Each finish has its own advantages and is suited to different situations and budgets. If you’d like a smooth, durable finish, pool tiles and mosaics are available in a vast array of patterns and designs. For a cheaper alternative, a vinyl liner pool is also an option.

Vinyl liners create a waterproof membrane between the water and the swimming pool wall. Liners are fitted by cutting panels to fit the exact shape of your pool usually with the use of a heat welder, a vacuum is then used to create an airtight fit that lasts. Contact us today on the form below and we’ll be in touch to help you revitalise your pool with a vinyl liner.

Why Choose Us for Your Swimming Pool Refurbishment?

With over 50 years of experience in the swimming pool industry, Alan Bettin Swimming Pools is Farnham’s leading swimming pool supplier – as we have a history of supplying first-class swimming pools in all surrounding areas at affordable prices.

If years of use or lack of pool maintenance has left your swimming pool in disrepair, then our team can come in to recommend what needs to be done to bring it back to its former glory. We’re certified by The Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers, so you can trust our work.

Take Care of Your Swimming Pool

Not only do we provide top quality, bespoke and totally personalised swimming pool refurbishments, but we also provide reliable and affordable swimming pool maintenance and repair services including pool supplies.

From pool care accessories to structured maintenance plans. From PH-level testing to leak detection and repairs. From deep cleaning to water treatment chemicals. We’ve got everything you need to take care of your pool. We’ll make our recommendations based on decades of industry experience, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your swimming pool is getting the best care.

Swimming Pool Refurbishments in Surrey and Hampshire

We cover most of the major settlements in Surrey such as Farnham, Woking, Guildford, Esher, Camberley, Weybridge, Ash, Godalming, Frimley, Cobham, Dorking, Addlestone, Chertsey, Haslemere, Cranleigh, Lightwater, Hindhead, Witley, Milford, Virginia Water, East Horsley, Bagshot, West Clandon and Send.

We also cover many areas in Hampshire such as Basingstoke, Farnborough, Aldershot, Fleet, Alton, Bordon, Petersfield, Yateley, Hook, Blackwater, Liphook, Bishop’s Waltham, Liss, Odiham, New Alresford, Headley Down and Four Marks.


What is the best material to refurbish a swimming pool?

The best material to refinish your swimming pool suits your budget and aesthetic tastes:

  • Plaster – Plaster is one of the cheapest swimming pool resurfacing materials, as such it’s also very popular. Unfortunately, it’s also the weakest material and requires more frequent touch-ups as a result.
  • Pebble – A mixture of rock pebbles and plaster make this a durable, popular pool resurfacing material. The roughness of the pebbles is an aesthetic feature that some may not appreciate.
  • Concrete – Strong and capable of withstanding much wear, concrete is an ideal material for resurfacing. Once dried, concrete can be painted in any colour to suit the decor of your pool design
How often should you refurbish your pool?

A concrete swimming pool should be resurfaced at least every 10-15 years, depending on how well it has been maintained. You may find that other aspects of the pool will need maintaining at the same time such as the tiling, surrounds or filtration systems updating these more regularly can make your pool system more energy efficient.

What happens if you don't refurbish your pool?

If you don’t resurface your swimming pool you may leave it susceptible to damage as a result of cracking pool liners, algae stains, leaks or even injuries due to an uneven surface developing over time.

How do you know when your pool needs to be resurfaced?

Your pool needs resurfacing when it starts displaying the following signs:

  • Peeling Plaster – This is caused by a low pH level and is a common issue that can only be solved by resurfacing the pool.
  • Rough Spots – The sides of your pool can become rough in places over time, which can scuff feet and compromise the integrity of your pool.
  • Algae stains – Algae bloom can occur when over time, whilst these stains can be removed with an acid wash, they are a telltale sign that the pool needs resurfacing.
  • Chalky Residue – Clouds of residue or chalk collecting around the edges of your pool suggest that ‘chalking’ is taking place, and the surface of your pool is seriously compromised.
  • Sudden Drops in the pool Water Level – Plaster fatigue or poor fitting can lead to cracks forming and loss of water. Resurfacing can fix these cracks and secure your pool again.
  • ‘Spider Web’ Cracks – These tiny cracks can occur on the plaster and within the pool structure, and are often hard to spot. They should be replastered to avoid getting any worse.
  • Large Structural Cracks – Major cracks in your swimming pool are a clear sign that resurfacing needs to take place.
Can I resurface my own pool?

Resurfacing your own pool is possible, however, it is a time-consuming project which involves a wide variety of tools and skills to do properly. To do so you must successfully:

  1. Drain the pool
  2. Clean the pool
  3. Prepare the surface
  4. Prime the surface
  5. Finish the surface
  6. Dry & Refill with water
How long does pool paint last?

Pool paint lasts between two to five years, depending on the quality of the paint and the use of the pool. An epoxy-based paint usually lasts five to seven years, whereas acrylic paint will typically last only two to four years.

How long does a pool surface last?

A plaster pool surface can last between 15 to 25 years, however, it will inevitably require touch-ups, sanding and replastering in places as the years go on. Concrete pool surfaces can last much longer, in some cases longer than 40 years. Meanwhile, a pebble pool surface could last up to 20 years.

How much does the average swimming pool refurbishment cost?

The average pool remodel can cost anywhere between £5,000 to £20,000, in some cases even more if the surrounds are also being refurbished. A complete outdoor pool transformation can cost up to £50,000 depending on the scale of the project.